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Heather K.

I had been putting off and dreading cleaning out my basement and crawl space. Every time I went down there to try on my own, I'd get overwhelmed and stop. Leslie came and attacked the project with me much faster and easier than I could've done on my own. She worked nonstop with me for hours, all while asking me if I needed any breaks and checking on me often. She was the motivator and partner I needed to get the job done! I couldn't have done it without her and will definitely recommend her to anyone who needs some organizing help.
Thank you Leslie!!

Stacie S.

Leslie is a pleasure to work with. Very efficient and took the stress out of organizing our kids playroom right before Christmas. Her storage suggestions were perfect and she even put everything together! The kids have used the playroom so much more since it is now organized!

Abbey Jo G.

Leslie has now helped me organize my pantry, my laundry room, AND my kitchen, and I couldn't be happier! I feel so much lighter now that she helped me clear the clutter and find a home for everything I kept.

Leslie is friendly and kind, is prompt and confirms appointments the day prior, and has a fantastic gift at organizing chaotic spaces! We highly recommend her! I'm going to have her back to help with many other areas of my house. We're thrilled we found her!

Sheri B.

I had an amazing experience with OrganizeMe! Leslie is always punctual and prepared when she comes to my house. She is so easy to work with and has fantastic ideas on how to better utilize the space in my house. I have been able to feel much more organized now that I know the place for everything. Leslie is so sweet and really listens to the customer’s needs. For anyone looking for some calm and organization for their house, I highly recommend OrganizeMe!

Megan B.

Using OrganizeMe! has been our saving grace. Leslie was patient and encouraging. Not only does she help you declutter and organize, she suggests systems and best practices to keep you organized. I couldn't believe how much decluttering and organizing helped my anxiety and also my focus at work and at home. I had used organizers before but never successfully until Leslie. She coaches with kindness and skill. I would highly, highly recommend her to anyone!

Sarah M.

Leslie with OrganizeMe! is wonderful to work with- she’s like having 3 normal people for how much she gets done!!! She’s very understanding and does not pressure you to get rid of something sentimental, but rather she helps make space to keep it without feeling cluttered. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing to organize their home!

Lauren J.

Leslie was so great to work with. She was efficient, helpful, and fun. She has a great eye for detail, and now my kids’ playroom looks like a kid paradise rather than a mess. I would definitely choose to work with her again!

Beth R.

Thank you for everything you did to help me get rid of clutter. The home edit we did helps me see all of my important belongings clearly. I breathe a little more calmly when I'm not distracted by piles of things I no longer need. I love how you repurposed some items, which saved me $$$, and took what I no longer need to charities and donation centers so that I could help out another person!

Julie B.

Leslie was a wonderful motivator and actually made getting organized fun. We accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs help organizing and making better use of the space they have.
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