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10 Tips to Keep Your Pantry Organized

A well-organized pantry and kitchen brings so much joy to a homemaker. However, organizing the pantry is not the only tough part, maintaining it for a long time is.

Here a few tips that will help you organize and maintain a Pinterest-worthy pantry.

1. Create space

Empty cans and plastic bags can come in handy when you’re DIYing, but often they end up piled on top of each other never to be used again. Instead of squirreling them away, recycle them and create some much-needed space in your pantry.

2. Categorize everything accordingly

Now that you've gotten rid of some unnecessary stuff, separate all of the ingredients by type. That will make your life so much easier. Cans with cans, spices with spices, and so on.

3. Containers are your best friends

It’s so much easier to reach in and out of a container than wasting precious time untying and retying bags. Plus, you might be in a hurry and forget to put the bag back in its place…on your way to a messy pantry I see.

4. Invest in the appropriate containers

This is almost as important as just having containers. Get glass or plastic containers with lids that close tightly. Mason jars are also a great option [1]. Clear materials let you see what’s inside at a glance.

5. Label accordingly

Writing some information on a container such as expiration dates, cooking instructions, or some nutritional information means you don't have to store the packaging. Plus, it adds a really clean, finished look to the pantry when the containers start to look like décor.

6. Ever heard of shelf risers?

Imagine spices taking up a whole drawer with around 10 inches of space left unused. That will simply not do. A shelf riser adds a whole extra layer of space, perfect to fit even more spices and stuff into small spaces [2].

7. Spin it with a turntable

You might not actually be making music but do get a rotating dish for spices and sauces. Next time when you want some paprika, you don't have to remove everything on the shelf to get to it. Just turn the unit till you find it…easy peasy.

8. Hang some stuff

This is going to add such a chic look to your pantry. A few mugs, preferably color or style coded, all hanging elegantly from a few hooks is one way to go. It creates more space to tuck other things away, plus it keeps your most-used tools at the ready.

9. Make space for your appliances

Keeping your appliances in the pantry is a great way to get them off your kitchen counter. An easy way to make your kitchen more organized and move your mixers, blenders, waffle makers, toasters, and others to the pantry. Hello, counter space!

10. Arrange according to the frequency of use

Those ingredients you use every day should be closer to reach. So move the salt forward and push back the yeast ‘til your next bread-making adventure [3].

Ultimately, a well-organized pantry and kitchen doesn't just look great, it also makes cooking that much simpler. Go in there and sort your pantry out. Good luck!


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