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Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized

How many times a day do you trip over loose cords or dirty laundry? And just how often do you give up any hopes of ever seeing your home spotlessly clean? Maintaining your household is several times more complicated than setting it up in the first place. Look around your kitchen, laundry, living room, the kids’ rooms, even your own room. How much clutter do you notice, and does it impact how you use the space?

Here are some general guidelines for keeping your home organized without needing a professional organizer:

1. Train the Kids

Teaching your kids how to clean up after themselves and enforcing the habit is essential for their personal development. Teaching them how to discard dirty clothes, to keep their books together, and to put their toys in the right place will minimize your workload as well.

2. Don't Overbuy Organizers

You probably already have enough organizers in your home right now. Having more organizers than necessary will indirectly make you store more junk. Estimate the storage space you have and find organizers that require the least amount of maintenance. You can get plastic organizers for your drawers, shelf tiers for your kitchen cabinets, and hooks for your bathroom accessories. These are some of the handiest and spacious tools for even small households.

3. Have a Command Station

Distributing tasks among the family members is the easiest way to keep a check on cluttering habits. Assign days and tasks to members with mutual consent and keep everyone updated about their daily jobs. Write it all on sticky notes and place them on the fridge, so nobody misses out. This will also make it easier to figure out the reasons why the house becomes so messy.

4. Be your Own Guest

When you go to somebody's house, you immediately notice how clean and organized their home is. Since you're new to the place, you can feel and see where things are messy. Try to do the same at your own place. You often learn to look past the usual mess in your own house. Pay just as much attention to the interior, the furniture, and the decor in your home as you do in other people’s houses. You'll notice a lot of clutter that may not be apparent during your usual cleanup.

5. Detoxify Your House

Another reason why clutter becomes a permanent feat is when you're an impulsive buyer and hoarder. It's a general observation that most people use only 20% of their stuff regularly. If you follow this observation, you'll find it easier to throw away the things you're least likely to use. You can probably store the rest of 80% in lower, hidden tiers of your cupboards. You should keep a donation or sales box and get rid of all that extra stuff every few months.

Though it's normal to see often-used items strewn around, it's rather stressful to have the entire house turned upside down. Are you thinking this is too overwhelming? I need someone to organize myself and my family? Keep in mind there are no fixed rules. You just need to see what program works out best for you.

If you need help getting organized feel free to contact me.

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