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Clutter-Free Gift Guide

Did you know that the average household contains 300,000 items? When you stop to think about it, we all seem to have plenty of stuff cluttering up our homes.

Why add to it with more gifts this holiday season? At least not those of the creating clutter variety. There are plenty of gifts you can give your friends and family to show you care without adding to the clutter in their homes. Check out some of these great clutter-free gift ideas!

Benefits of Clutter-Free Gifts

The top benefit of buying clutter-free gifts is to not add to the clutter in your loved ones’ homes. After all, too much clutter is stressing lots of people out these days.

Beyond this, clutter-free gifts tend to be something you know the recipient will use and enjoy. For example, gifting them their favorite chocolate or other edible will be used up and enjoyed as opposed to a decoration or adornment that will take up space in the home.

Some clutter-free gifts, such as experiences, are things you can do together, allowing you to enjoy a special experience with your loved one. This only adds to the fun!

Our Top Picks for Clutter-Free Gifts

So, what kinds of gifts can you give your loved ones that won’t end up cluttering up their counters or forgotten in the back of the hall closet? There are hundreds of ideas! Let’s look at our favorites here.


This could be a subscription to a service that they already have or one that you think they would enjoy starting up. The great part is that you can choose how many months you want to gift the subscription, making it literally the gift that keeps on giving and it is a great gift for the Covid-19 era. Some ideas include:

  • Netflix for movie junkies

  • Amazon prime for online shoppers/movie junkies

  • Audible or Kindle for book lovers

  • Grove has eco-friendly cleaning supply subscriptions and other household consumables. A subscription like this can help one save on storage space for extra cleaning supplies.


Who doesn’t love getting food as a gift? Gift them their favorite food or choose something exotic to expand their horizons a little. Fantastic ideas include:

  • Specialty chocolates

  • Gourmet coffee

  • Loose-leaf tea

  • Ingredients and instructions to make a cultural dish

  • Wine

  • Homemade goodies

Gift Cards

Gift cards might seem like an easy way out for those who love to give elaborate gifts, but if your recipient is more practical, the right gift card would be well-loved. For example, your lady might be hesitant to spend the money on a professional cut and color at a fancy salon, but if you give her one already paid for, she will love the experience! Here are a few ideas to get your started:


Gifting experiences is the best, in our opinion. It can be an experience that they will enjoy alone, such as a massage, or one they can enjoy with you or other friends and family like zoo passes. Since it may not be the best time to go to areas with large crowds due to Covid-19, make sure you check the expiration date of experience gifts. Great ideas include:

  • Zoo/Museum passes

  • Tickets to a local event/activity

  • Spa day gift card

  • Restaurant gift certificate

  • Date night reservation

Clutter-Free Gifts for Everyone!

Enjoy a new kind of holiday this year — one where you won’t need to hire a professional organizer afterward to get your home in shape when all the festivities have died down.

Get a Gift Card!

Get a Gift Card!

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